"Never Miss A Chance to Dance!"


Classes Begin September 7, 2021

We have ongoing registration for those classes which are not filled.

All Tumbling Classes are full at this time. You may register as a waitlist student. This would ensure that if a tumbling spot opens up, your student would be first in line!

Masks: As of August 26, 2021 The Governor has mandated mask wearing indoors.  We are a facility which mainly caters to children. Many of these children are under the age of 12 and can not be vaccinated. Many are over 12 and have been vaccinated and others are over 12 and will not be vaccinated. We have students who have serious health issues who must be masked to protect their health. We also have students with asthmatic conditions, who can not mask.


Ms. Tamra and her family have all received both doses of the Moderna vaccine and if called upon to do so will receive the third to protect our students. We will be masked as mandated by the State 8/26/21.


Our studio flooring will be marked off in 4 foot sections so that we are at more than the 3 foot social distancing guidelines which were updated in 2020.


We prefer for participants to be masked, but understand that there are those with  concerns that will not mask. 

The pandemic has made this difficult  for everyone.

We just want everyone to be able to dance.

Ballet Class With Masks

Velocity Dance Center,LLC


is located in the

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1445 Timberline Rd. Goodfield,IL. 61742