2022-2023 Registration

Please note: the tuition amount shown is the monthly payment, unless it's a 6 week class.

6 week classes pay per 6 weeks session.

There is also a non-refundable Registration/Processing fee per student.

This fee will come out of your account at registration. The first months payment will also come out when you register.

Your monthly payments are the full tuition divided by 8. August and May are considered one month and will appear as prorated months.

  All  payments are deducted on the first of each month. If you want to pay by check, please email Ms. Tamra at There is no place on the registration form that says you prefer to pay by cash or check. 

Monday Classes
4:15 pm-Level 2 Tap-Ms. Tamra
4:45 pm-Level 2 Jazz-Ms. Tamra
5:15 pm Level 2 Ballet-Ms. Tamra
6:15 pm Level 5 Jazz-Ms. Tamra
7:00 pm Level 4-5 Ballet-Ms. Tamra

Wednesday Classes
9:00 am-Ballet 3-5-Ms. Tamra
4:15 pm-Ballet 2A- Begins in JanuaryMs. Tamra
5:15 pm-Level 1 Ballet-Ms. Tamra
6:00 pm-Level 1 Lyrical-Ms. Tamra


Friday Classes
8:30 am-Kinder/Tot Tumbling 3-5 years old (6 week sessions)-Ms. Christy
9:15 am-Adult Ballet-Ms. Tamra
4:00 pm-Boys Music Theater-Ms. Tamra

Tuesday Classes
4:15 pm Tots Tumbling-Ms. Christy Class is full
4:45 pm Kinder Tumbling-Ms. Christy -Class is full
5:15 pm Level 1 Tumbling-Ms. Christy Class is Full
5:45 pm Level 2 Tumbling-Ms. Christy Class and waitlist are Full
6:15 pm Level 3 Tumbling-Ms. Christy  Class is Full
6:45 pm Level 4 Tumbling-Ms. Christy-Class is full

Tumbling Classes are limited to 6 students per class!

Thursday Classes
9:00 am-Level 1 Home School Dance-Ms. Tamra
9:45 am-Level 2 Home School Ballet-Ms. Tamra
10:45 am-Level 2 Home School Jazz/Tap-Ms. Tamra
3:30 pm-Sparkling Show Stars 5 years old-Ms. Tamra
4:15 pm-Level 3 Ballet-Ms. Ellen
5:45 pm-Level 4-5 Lyrical-Ms. Ellen
6:30 pm-Level 4-5 Ballet-Ms. Ellen

Saturday Classes
8:30 am-Glitter Galaxy Stars 4 years old-Ms. Tamra
9:00 am-Sparkling Show Stars 5 years old-Ms. Tamra
9:45 am-Level 2-3 Lyrical-Ms. Tamra
10:15 pm-Level 3-4 Jazz-Ms. Tamra
11:00 am-Level 3-5 Tap-Ms. Tamra
11:30 am-Level 3-5 Ballet-Ms. Tamra
1:00 pm-Pointe Class-Ms. Tamra

Private Lessons are $85 an hour with limited availability.
All private lessons need to be scheduled at least a week in advance.
Students who fail to show up for a private lesson will be charged!

***Please read through our Handbook linked to the button below! It will answer a lot of questions you may have about your child's dance eduction, performance opportunities and billing!***

Ballet Classes

Students in Level 3 or above should take at least 2 classes (preferably 3 or more) per week

 Dance for Ages 3.5-5


Jazz Classes

Lyrical Classes

Tap Classes

Home School Classes

Tumbling Classes

6 Weeks Only Tumbling (3-5 years old)

Adult Classes and
Young Mens Music Theater