Velocity Dance Center, LLC is moving into a year round schedule as of September 7, 2021.


Classes for 2021-2022 will run from September to the first week of August. This allows for a better dance education, with out the loss of muscle memory and flexibility during the summer months. We understand that the summer months are very hectic with lots of activities. Parents, if you need to opt our for summer, please let us know by May 15, 2022. Parents should expect to register as usual each August with a small yearly increase in tuition at that time.

Parent Portal:
When you register, you will set up your "Parent Portal". This is the easiest way to insure on time payments, check class schedules, view announcements and more. You will need to set up the portal with a credit card and a bank account.  The payments will be automatically deducted on the first of the month.

We will accept cash or check if you prefer, however, this automatic option is much easier.

It also helps to avoid any late fees from forgetting to make your payment.

All tuition payments are due on the first of the month.

Continue down this page to automatically connect to the Parent Portal.

There is a $25 non-refundable "Processing" (formerly Registration) Fee due at registration.


Tuition is non-refundable after the first class. 

Sometimes the first class causes a bit of anxiety for younger students. We ask that you give your child

some time to adapt; then let us know if your child does not wish to continue.

We want our students to be well rounded. However, please do not ask for tuition to be halted and then reinstated because your child is involved in another activity. Your Student may make up any classes missed due to another activity. This ensures that they get back in shape quickly and are ready for any upcoming performances.

We ask that make ups be done in a timely manner. Preferably within a months time.

Summer tuition freezes will be available for those who can not attend during the summer months.

Remote Learning: In the case of the necessity of remote learning, tuition will continue to be collected. Zoom learning requires more of the instructor. It requires that she demonstrate all of the movements, rather than speak them as is sometimes done in the classroom. It is also requires more time for preparation in setting up the zoom classes and necessary equipment. There is also a monthly subscription fee to host Zoom meetings.
No discounts or "pauses" in tuition will be given for e-learning (Zoom Classes)

Private Lessons:  Available in a limited basis. The cost is $80 per hour, 

No shows will be charged if you fail to contact Ms. Tamra 30 minutes in advance or more.

 She is the only teacher and her time is valuable.

Our refund policy is as follows:

Prior to the first class=Full Refund

After first class=No refunds

VDC Pricing September 2021-August 2022

          30 Minute class.      $37.00 per month.     $407 for 11 months at registration.     $333 for  9 months at registration.   

        45 Minute Class.     $48.00 per month.    $484 for 11 months at registration.      $396 for 9 months at registration.

       60 Minute Class.      $66.00 per month.     $726 for 11 months at registration.    $594 for 9 months at registration.

            75 Minute Class        $82 per month.           $902 for 11 months at registration.    $738 for 9 months at registration 

            90 Minute Class.      $100 per month.         $1100 for 11 months at registration.   $900 for 9 months at registration.

The monthly payment amount is listed so that you will know how much will be deducted each month. 


All Twinkle Stars Dance Classes (TSD) are $2 more per month to cover the cost of necessary props for the class.

30 minute TSD class is $440 11 months.   $351  9 months.   Monthly payment-$39

45 minute TSD class is $525 for 11 months.  $414 for 9 months.  Monthly payment-$50

         When registering the entire years tuition will appear. Returning portal users will get a message saying the fixed fees must be reviewed by Velocity Dance Center. For new enrollees, if you wish to pay monthly do not click on pay now.





Imperative for Communication, Registration and Payment!!!!

Please click on the link below to view the student and family information. You may register, check balances and pay through this portal!! You will need to have a registered student to access this portal. If the portal does not recognize your email, you will need to register as a new student. If you feel you should be in our system, please email us and we will give you a code.


Please set up your parent portal with an email account that you use regularly. This is our main mode of communication. Several students missed our reopening after Covid-19 Stay at Home order because they went to an email that mainly collected spam or was not used often.

Automatic payments will come out of your account for the monthly pay  option. The electronic payment is the preferred method of payment. Cash or Check accepted if paying in full for the season.